The DBC Concept is an individualized active physiotherapy treatment approach to manage musculoskeletal disorders; specializing, but not limited to, pain and trouble with the Lower Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Knee – DBC has a proven track record of delivering treatments that work!

At the core of  DBC Solutions is the DBC Concept – a treatment Concept based on a foundation of strong scientific support and clinical reasoning; a treatment support base that has been consistently growing since the mid-1990’s. Since its inception the DBC Concept has proven to routinely be steps ahead of the global physiotherapy market. while others started talking about a scientifically supported active/exercise  treatment approach, DBC was already experienced at delivering it.Learn More
We strongly believe that high quality treatment outcomes provide patients with assurance that what we do works. The trained DBC therapist takes into account the patient’s condition (diagnosis), the scientific research that supports the best treatment, and the patient’s own personal preferences and goals; and designs the program to give the ideal treatment outcomes along with lasting treatment results. The best therapists will access all that DBC has to offer…Learn More
The years of DBC experience has led to the development of the DBC Solutions – a set of clinical service packages that are designed to deliver the DBC therapists with assessment tools, treatment/training device, and treatment protocols; to strive for the best treatment results possible. To learn more about the Clinical Treatment and Business Solutions please visit Learn More
The DBC patient treatment database has more than 100,000 recorded treatment cases. This treatment database is a powerful tool that helps us to monitor and improve the quality of the DBC treatment being delivered. The anonymous treatment data that is collected helps the physiotherapist, the local clinic, as well as the international clinic network maintain, and improve, the high quality of care that patients deserve.Learn More
Who we are?
What we do?
Why it works?
Unique systematic approach & quality assurance

Why To Choose DBC Active Treatment?

  • Restore movement control and muscle coordination
  • Restore the range of movement
  • Improve muscle endurance and strength
  • Improve general condition
  • Provide re-education about normal loading and pain
  • Reduce fear avoidance behaviors
  • Tackle psychosocial obstacles
  • Educate about and encourage continued activity